Elizabeth Grove Primary School

Case Study 3


Jaye Munn


In September 2017 Natural Born Leadership were approached by the Leadership team from Elizabeth Grove Primary School (EGPS), they presented Jaye Munn a student that was in need of our help and who seemed to be a good fit for the Natural Born Leadership Youth Program. At the time Jaye was nine years old and had been a student of EGPS from junior primary to primary level. After a promising start in the junior primary school and the initial years of primary level, Jaye’s interest in school had fallen away, there was a change in the circumstances of Jaye’s life outside of school which was believed to have been the catalyst for the loss of engagement and interest in school. It was noticed that Jaye had taken on fears and anxieties above that of which a nine year old kid would normally have, these fears and anxieties resulted in disengagement and unwillingness to attend school.

The Mission

The brief from the Leadership team was to reignite Jaye’s personality, work on building his self esteem and encouraging and inspiring Jaye to be more inclusive in school (namely – attendance, classroom, and physical activity).

Following our initial introduction to Jaye we spent the following three months, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, conducting one-hour sessions with Jaye, we took time to listen, relate and support Jaye’s concerns, interest, and values.

At the end of 2017 Jaye’s mum had started to notice positive changes in Jaye and wanted NBL to continue to work with Jaye in 2018. We were excited to continue in 2018 as we saw in Jaye something special, he was showing a willingness and capability to develop in the future.

At NBL we believe that everyone is born a leader and that there is a leader in everyone.

Phase 1 - 2017

Observation and Consultation

During Phase 1 we took time to listen, relate and support.

Phase 2 - 2018


In Phase 2 our mission was to build trust with Jaye. Building trust began with listening and learning from Jaye.

We shared our experiences, set examples and followed through, all the time checking in with Jaye.
At the end of phase 2 some of the outcomes included commitment to improve school attendance rate and to participate in class activities.

Phase 3 - 2019


In Phase 3 our mission to consolidate with Jaye on the outcomes to Phase 1, with regular school attendance and participation in class activities we were able to introduce new perspectives and ways of thinking.

At the end of Phase 3 Jaye’s attendance increase by more than 50%, teachers comment on his willingness to be involved and we started to see Jaye’s leadership influence with his peer school students.

Phase 4 - 2020


In Phase 4 our mission was to Connect phase 2 and phase 3 with Jaye’s self-esteem as Jaye was preparing to transition from primary school to high school.

At the end of Phase 4 Jaye was a regular school attendee, participated in sports and class activities and was confident to lead a small group of classroom students (3-4) during his time allocation with NBL.

The Results

From 2019-2020 we have been able to successfully gather evidence on the improvement of Jaye’s wellbeing, resulting in increased engagement and learning outcomes for Jaye. We have also seen Jaye’s natural ability to lead shine through by understanding how too and when to show empathy, assess and act in different situations and grow in confidence as he approached his high school years.

Among other achievements over the 3-year period Jaye has:

  • Increased attendance rate at EGPS
  • Increased time inside the learning area
  • Increased rate of engagement with learning
  • Participation in whole school engagement activities
  • Completed his graduation including confidently speaking in front of over 300 people during his graduation speech


Natural Born Leadership

For over 20yrs NBL have worked with individuals and teams in both corporate and private sectors identifying the patterns and behaviours learnt by people, business owners and teams through their experiences and by the stories told to them.

In 2017 we went back to our early learning days and began volunteering and mentoring kids at primary school level, in particular students from disadvantaged backgrounds or with chronic or traumatic stress, to see what experiences and stories were being told that shaped these young adventures futures.

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