Gridlock Civil

Case Study 1


Gridlock Civil is a small to medium base civil works company operating since 2007.

Initially providing service to Adelaide City Council as a Street & Landscape contractor, today Gridlock Civil provide services to South Australia Power Network (SAPN), Tier One Managing Contractors and direct enquiries.

Gridlock specializes in Trenching, Conduit and Pit Installation, Storm water construction, Roadway & Footpath upgrades and minor civil works projects.

Gridlock annual operating budget ranges between 3-5M with a direct work force of up to 30 employees at any given time.

The Mission

In 2015 Gridlock faced liquidation, after seeking financial assistance in 2015 Gridlock continued to experience operational losses from 2015 – 2018 to the tune of 300k yearly.

In June 2018 Natural Born Leadership (NBL) was engaged seeking consultant and coaching advice to Gridlocks business operation losses.

During the consultation period with Director Phil Warren the brief for NBL included for Strategic Planning, Restructuring, Managing for Profit and Dispute Resolution. 


Phil’s overall objective was for Gridlock Civil  to become a self managed, profitable and sustainable business where the business brand was trusted for its quality, value for money, and delivery of all works; a business that was driven by the people. 

Phase 1

Observation and Consultation

Phase 2

Evaluation and Prioritization

Phase 3

Presentation and Recommendation

Phase 4

Execution and Evaluation 

During the Phase 1 & 2 all employees from labourer to Director were engaged to provide input. The use of Questionnaires and Employee Assessment Matrix were conducted to understand employee’s perspective of Gridlock.

Phase 3 was initially conducted with the Director to ensure the purpose of the brief was being met. Once finalized, Phase 3 was rolled out to the group leaders. After which Phase 4 was carried out.

The overall duration from Phase 1-4 was 12 months.

The Results

At the end of the 12 month period from July 2018 – June 2019, Gridlock achieved; 

  • Financial year 2018-19 Gridlock Civil recorded a 135k profit
  • Was reinstated on the Minor Works Panel with SA Power Networks (previously stood down for noncompliance)
  • Successfully delivered civil works for a Tier One project (Oakland Rail Crossing) and was further invited, secured and delivered follow up Tier One Project for South City Tramline Replacement
  • Resolved and closed out disputes
  • Secured contract works in Gas and Communications delivering profitable results in marginal contracts
  • Reduced its Plant & Equipment register
  • Successfully met with compliance audit for accreditation    

Post June 2019 Natural Born Leadership have been engaged to continue to provide consultant and coaching services to Gridlock Civil as it looks to consolidate its business turnaround into a sustainable operating success.


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