How would the world look if everyone were born a leader and had the opportunity to develop their innate leadership ability further? 

We are of the belief that everyone is born a leader, but it is only through circumstance and opportunity do some enact their full leadership potential. Natural Born Leadership ignites leaders within businesses and teams, creating the capacity to inspire. 

We believe that leadership is inherent in each person, and that Natural Born Leadership consulting is the key to discovering each individual’s leadership potential.


Courage is more than simply doing something you fear

The idea of natural born leaders relies on individuals having the Courage to follow their own path, develop their own sense of consciousness and becomes consciously self-aware. It isn’t about simply following the path already set, but to leave the path and make your own trail is an enormous accomplishment and takes courage. And this is what Courage is to natural born leaders. It is finding your own path and taking it.


Everything within you is aligning to your will

Conviction is a self-belief stemming from self-awareness and experience. And it is not going to be stopped at the first hurdle by doubt. If a leader has conviction, then they would want their followers to share this conviction and be active participants in achieving the goal set rather than stupidly going on the journey. Natural Born Leaders with conviction welcome the reflexive challenge of others as they assess the issue at hand

So leadership requires conviction to bring about a change, whether as the first, or the first follower, or simply as a courageous step for you in joining a movement already gaining momentum. Your deliberate action will bring about change for you and for others, and this is at the heart of NBL.


A leader does not have to be leading all the time

In Natural Born Leadership theory it is the idea of having the right view to have the right intention behind an action, and hence the right conduct occurs through the quality of the action occurring. This applies to everyone in an organisation, not just the leaders. Natural Born Leaders are also happy to recognise that they are not always ‘the leader’ in a group, but rather may be leading for some aspects and not for others.

A balanced leader does not have to be leading all the time; they have the self-awareness and humility to know when to step up and when to step back. This is the ultimate expression of balance, because leading is not about the ‘leader’ per se, but about the situation they are leading.

Natural Born Leadership

The core of Natural Born Leadership is the presence of courage, conviction, and balance.

Natural Born Leadership is about being authentic and self-aware, showing intelligence, inspiring people through trust, collaboration, and face to face discussions, to always be learning, and above all to be balanced in approaches and outcomes. 

Experience has taught us that successful leaders balance pride with humility, and within a team collective, agreed behaviour is the vital ingredient for success. 

At Natural Born Leadership we exist to help leaders and teams improve and become better; working with Natural Born Leadership will develop your individual, or teams, self-awareness to realise the impact of one’s decisions and to act in spite of emotions, rather than incite them.

To learn more about the theory of NBL download Recognising True Leadership; The Theory of Natural Born Leadership.


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