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Founded on the principles of Courage, Conviction, and Balance, Natural Born Leadership separates leaders from followers.

Natural Born Leaders need not have followers, as achieving the optimal balance in leadership means having others ‘being’ with one, rather than simply ‘following’ them. 

Our Vision

Natural Born Leadership sees vision as a quality that attracts, and even charms, others. We see our vision as having the ability to develop people to become the best versions of themselves, those who will make better decisions and in turn make better leaders.

Meet the Founder: Brian Haraida

Natural Born Leadership
was established in 2018,
by founder Brian Haraida. 

While taking part in a leadership training exercise with the Central Districts Football Club in 1992,  I was faced with the notion that leaders are made, not born. 

The notion did not sit too well with me and I openly challenged it, declaring that while yes there are ways and means to develop leaders, fundamentally leaders are born, not made, and through circumstances, opportunities, and experiences, good or better leadership is cultivated.

My challenge did not stem from a disgruntled or egotistical youth, but rather from a self-believer with self-awareness; a person who was not afraid to challenge, what I believed to be, a misconception of the time.

Stemming from that training exercise I become a leader within that sports organisation, leading the team through its transitional change from under-performer to powerhouse performer. Embarking on creating history with the clubs maiden premiership win, the club went on to have over 10 years of consecutive appearances in Grand Finals, winning 8 out of 11 premierships from 2000 – 2011.

From that period to the present day, I have worked with and within various business management roles both in commercial and voluntary sectors. In observing behaviours and focusing my work in and around competitive and collaborative sports and organisational leadership, I was able to develop a program framework to address corporate and sport objectives and have been able to successfully apply the principles of this model in business and sports environments.

Everyone is born a leader, but whether that leadership potential is fulfilled depends on how the individual themselves develops.

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